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International Trading

As a trusted supplier of brands in many sectors including the Furniture, Fashion and Accessories, Construction and Building Materials, Households Goods and Food, we provide to our customers the best experience with unique and specialized knowledge and customized services.


Services & Products


Trading Services

Product Sourcing

We act as intermediaries between factories around the world and our clients. Working with 64 countries around the world and with over 300 suppliers, we have a large network of trustable suppliers. We offer:

  • Large choice of products

  • Competitive prices

  • Stable volume 

  • Stable product quality


Thanks to our highly qualified staff, we buy directly for you, dealing with all the processes, and we deliver products right to your place, without any problem or additional charge.

We also assist our clients to get products and brand names we don’t already work with.

Trade Finance

We work together with our clients to find the best payment solutions. We have a long experience in international trading, and understand the different financial requirements of our clients. We offer bespoke financial solutions to optimize cash flow and reduce capital requirements. We also offer deferred payment options for selected trades.

With our long experience in Africa, we understand the risks and opportunities of each country we work with. 


Penta Italia ships goods of all sizes and weights across the world. Our experienced team guides freight across customs points, providing local oversight through a network of our trusted forwarders. Our team has large experience in bookings, freight, inspection, documentation and customs. We offer CFR/ CIF/ CPT terms.


Our Shipping services: 


Ocean Services


FCL Full container load

LCL Less-than-container consolidation

RORO Roll-on and roll-off vehicles and wheeled machinery

Vessel charter Large volumes, oversized cargo or bulk loads

Bulk Primarily commodities, such as chemicals, raw materials or liquids


Air Transport


Air charter Dedicated aircraft

On-board courier Hand-carried

Direct Next available flight

Consolidation Weekly scheduled flights to major destinations

Road Transport


Road transport of bulk cargo

Heavy goods transport

Dry goods road transport


Rail Transport 

We use rail transport whenever possible.

Support Services

  1. Documentation

  2. Custom Clearance

  3. Cargo Insurance

  4. Project Services


We have extensive knowledge on custom clearance and import rules for each trade and country.

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