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We are the trusted suppliers of construction materials to leading African construction companies. We also help our clients finding new tenders or private projects across Africa, and assist them with the product sourcing, documentation and local support.

Tenders & Private Projects

Architecture Model Sketching

We assist our clients in their construction projects, both for tenders and private projects. We work in the commercial, infrastructure, industrial and residential sectors. Services we offer:

  • Product Sourcing

  • Finance

    • Help securing financing for the project

    • Financial Solution for the construction and building materials

  • Finding strategic partners for your project

  • Finding new opportunities across Africa

New Markets

Image by C Dustin

We assist local construction companies entering into new African markets as well as international brands entering the African market through private projects or tenders.

Sourcing & Distribution

Cargo Ship

We do the Sourcing and Distribution of construction materials and equipment. We have a large number of suppliers across the world, with which we have a long and stable relationship. Our strong relationship with the suppliers help us gaining competitive prices, big and stable volumes and guaranteed quality to the client. Our services include: Sourcing the product, Financing, Transport and Logistic.



Construction Enquiry

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